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What is the fuel adjustment?
It is an adjustment based on the kilowatts that each customer uses each month. This energy cost adjustment shall be applied to all users to whom bills are rendered and from whom money is normally collected or transfers credited; likewise, all and only the energy sold to such users shall be the basis for the determination of the average cost. The running, weighted-average cost shall be for the most recent three consecutive months, being the sum of energy costs actually paid in that period divided by the sum of energy sold in the same period. Whenever the three-month running, weighted-average of energy exceeds (or is less than) 50 cents per kilowatt-hour sold, a charge shall be added to (or deducted from) each customer’s next monthly electric bill in the amount of .001 cent per kwh for each .001 cent, or major fraction thereof, by which said average cost exceeds (or is less than) 50 cents.


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