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Osawatomie Public Library - Serving the Community Since 1889

Use of Meeting Room
Designated Meeting Room Areas
The Osawatomie Public Library does not at this time have a room which is designated as a meeting room. Therefore, any meetings within the library will necessarily have to take place in a regular library room used for displaying materials. The following policy has been adopted for meetings within the library:
  • All groups meeting within the library must meet during regular library hours. 
  • Meetings must not interfere with normal library activity.  
  • Meetings should not be of a formal nature that would be constricted by regular library activity (business meeting or a program).
  • The decision as to whether a group shall be allowed to meet at any particular time and the area in which they should meet shall be at the discretion of the director. Groups of over six people should be discouraged from meeting at the library due to the level of noise this would produce and due to the fact that a larger group would tend to intimidate patrons from entering and using the room in which the meeting is being held.

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